Rectangle to Square

Most origami begins with a square piece of paper and most paper found in stores are rectangular.  How do you make a square from a rectangle then??  Follow these instructions below!


1. Begin with the short side of your rectangle facing you.

2. Fold so the top egde is aligned with the left side (this is preference, you may also align it with the right side).

3. Unfold the paper and use the corner where I am pointing as a reference point. Fold the bottom portion up at that point creating a long, narrow rectangle. Your fold will be parallel with the bottom edge. This is the excess that will be removed.

4. When you flip the model over you will see only a square. If this is what you have then you’ve done it right! For those who folded the top edge to align with the right in step 2, your fold will go from the top left to the bottom right.

5. Unfold the entire model and cut or rip along the fold you just created. You have now created a square from a rectangle!

This can be done with any rectangular piece of paper.

Please leave any questions or comments down below!

~ Kristen


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