Here is a list of the bases used in folding origami.

Blintz Base:


1. Fold your square diagonally both ways.

2. Using the center where both folds cross as a reference point, fold all four corners in so they meet.

All done! That was easy, huh? ^_^

Square Base:


1. Start with your square paper folded both ways diagonally.

2. Fold one corner down so the paper is folded in half.

3. Fold one side up so it is perpendicular to the table.

4. Open the pocket and push the top down so it folds into a square.

5. This should be how it looks.

6. Flip the entire model over.  The top layer on the right will fold up to look like a shark fin (shown in 7).

8. Find that little pocket again and fold this one down the same way.

9. You have finished the square base!

Bird Base:


1. Begin with the Square Base. Be sure the part that opens is facing toward you.

2. The right edge will fold in so it is flush with the center crease. Repeat this for the left side then flip the model over and repeat for those two flaps as well.

3. The top “triangle” will fold down on along the edges just created.

4. Unfold until you have the square base again.

5. Lift up the top layer.  You will fold in on all the creases you just created.  The outside edge will be flush to the center (as shown in 6).

7. Repeat on the other side, then flip the model over and repeat for the remaining two flaps.

8. You have finished the bird base!

9. To be sure you folded it correctly, you should have two “legs” on the bottom half.

Balloon (waterbomb) Base:


1. Start with a square sheet of paper.

2. Fold side to side both ways.

3. Flip the model over and fold diagonally both ways. You do not necessarily have to flip the model over, but it makes it easier to collapse in the end.

4. The model should collapse along the folds you just created naturally.

5. This shows the model mostly collapsed.

6. You have created the waterbomb base!


Keep checking back periodically for new bases.  This may be updated whether or not a new base is introduced in Friday-gami.

Please leave any comments or questions below!

~ Kristen


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