Origami Folds

Are you new to origami or need a quick refresher on some of the basics?  Well you’ve certainly come to the right page!  Here I have some tutorials that will definitely help you.  Check them out!

You may ask “What sort of information can I find here?”  Mostly you will find instructions for different types of folds and bases.  There are many bases that origami models can begin from. Some have less steps than others, but for the most part they are fairly simple.  There are two main folds you will need to know: mountain and valley. Their names are pretty self-explanatory and you will see why. There are quite a few other folds and I will add to the list as I use them in my Friday-gami posts.

To find these pages just hover over “Origami Folds” at the top for a drop down menu and select what you need!

Enjoy!  ( ^_^ )


Let me know your thoughts!

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