Who am I?

Mother of one, wife to one, and hoping for more children in the future. So far I’m a three handed mommy. One hand in school, another in loving my family, the last on here (and all that comes with it). I love origami and doodle once in a blue moon. Maybe I will share some drawings with you. I have a slight obsession with Hatake Kakashi, Batman, rubber duckies, pandas, and Pokemon. Then again, it may prove to be more than slight on more than one occasion…don’t judge.

(  >.<)

My high school math teacher told us that mathematicians look for patterns in everything. I would like to think that is part of why I took up math as a major in college. It is certainly not for the faint of heart and requires hard work and determination. Then again, mathematicians are some of the laziest people on the planet. Maybe that’s why I was drawn to it… (-_^)

My daughter seems to have a big hand in what I type every so often, so if you see typos those are most likely courtesy of her! She loves to be on the computer at the same time as mommy. Also, I am no English major, so that could be an explanation. ( ^_^ )

Come back on Fridays for Friday-gami! Learn a new origami model each time. Share your origami creations with me using #fridaygami!

Monday Mixups feature a potpourri of things. See what’s new on Mondays!

Keep checking back for more installments and series.

Feel free to use any, or all, of the share buttons on each post and don’t forget to follow my blog!

Please Note:
I do not claim ownership of any origami models I use on my blog. I do own the instructional images posted on this blog. I do not own the instructions; however the words used are property of Three Handed Mommy. If you have any questions or would like to contact me regarding this please email me at threehandedmommy@gmail.com and have “Origami Discussion” in your subject line.

The “T”, “H”, and “M” used in my banner are folded by me. The original design is by Jo Nakashima. Check out his YouTube and see his origami tutorials!

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging mama! Great about me page :). Looking forward to following along your adventures and don’t worry about it- you’ll fall into the right groove that will make school, family and blogging all work smoothly together!


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