Restaurant manners – Portland diner owner

Have you heard of the Portland diner owner who yelled at her customer’s child? Check this out in case you didn’t.

Portland diner owner yells at toddler

Watch the video and read the article, then come on back here!

How do you feel about it? Was it right for the owner to have yelled at the toddler, being that the child has no relation other than a customer’s child? When my family goes to a restaurant, I know we are risking side glances and dirty looks every time we step through the door. Most people look at us and think “Oh no, another toddler. Here we go again.” with eye-rolls and sighs. We have a responsibility to teach our kids what is appropriate and at what times. Toddlers are no exception. However, there is the level of “I am going to let you have this mini meltdown for a little while before I reach down and speak to you.” I will let V cry and scream once in a while at home. She needs to understand that not everything will go her way every time she decides to throw a fit. In a restaurant, different rules apply. Public space is no personal domain.

The way the parents ignored their crying child, for one, is not a happy sight. Secondly, the parents left the pancakes out of the child’s reach. Where is the sense in that? I can understand waiting until some piping hot pancakes are cooled off for a few minutes until they are ready for a toddler tongue, but 40 minutes sure is extreme, especially for a hungry little one.

The owner should not have screamed at the child. I agree this was inappropriate. Still, the parents should have taken some initiative in calming the situation. Having a baby calls for some sacrifices, including needing to leave a restaurant if it becomes too much. I believe these parents should have considered ones of these times a sacrifice, asked for some boxes, and left the restaurant.

Do you agree? Should the parents have left, or at the very least brought their child outside to calm down and then attempted to eat again?

Share with me your thoughts and opinions! I love hearing from you!


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