Pole Position Raceway

A couple days ago we visited our local Pole Position Raceway. It was our first time visiting, although we would always stare at it as we walk by. Pole Position is an indoor go-kart raceway that houses electric go-karts for adults and kids who are at least 48″ tall. They offer packages for birthdays, bachelor parties, celebrations, and more and also allow races on a walk-in basis. Here is a quick summary of what they are about and our experience.

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I believe the best experience here is one with friends and/or family. We went with friends, but also had our baby girl with us. Therefore we went in two smaller groups so at least one of us, between my husband and me, could watch our baby girl while the other raced. It ended working out perfectly, but since we had two smaller groups of three and four people, we ended up racing with some other customers as well. If you would like to have the chance to race only people you know, it would be best to go during a less busy time. When we arrived it was just beginning to pick up. If you plan on bringing your little ones, be sure they are at least 6 years old and 48″ tall. All drivers under the age of 18 are required to have a parent/guardian present to sign a minor release liability form. All racers are required to wear Pole Position’s safety helmets which are issued to you at the time you are called to race. All racers are required to have closed toe shoes, or you have the option of renting a pair should you forget.

The one thing you should keep in mind if you visit is the races only last as long as the first position racer “allows”. By this I do not mean they have sole control as long as they are in first place. The race length is UP TO fourteen laps, “up to” being the key words here. The race is over when one person has finished all 14 laps. Even though you may have done less, the race will be over nonetheless.

You are given a score sheet at the end of the race with your average lap time, stats of how to stack up against the first place driver (only this driver), what place you came in, and the best 10 laps of the week. It is nice to see how your laps were compared to the first place driver’s if you are more on the competitive side of things. There is a line graph that shows all of your laps compared to theirs.

Overall our experience was awesome. We had a great time on these karts, and for me personally, it was the first time driving ones that fast! Their karts can go up to 45mph! As I said before, driving with a group, even on a walk-in basis, is going to be much more fun that driving alone. I also recommend going during the day when schools are still in session if you have the option to do so. The lines will be much shorter and you will probably have a better chance to riding with those you know instead of strangers. If you go during the busier time, or catch the beginning of it, you are more guaranteed to ride with those you don’t know. We had some more competitive drivers in our races. Being that we were there more for a fun time than competition, it wasn’t the best experience we could have had. However, that was nothing to blame on the company itself. It is all dependent upon who you are set up with for your race. Being able to ride with friends at the same time was much better than being alone. I think it would have been more frustrating than fun if it were only me. Although V was too young to drive we did see a few of the junior racers have their turn to drive. The karts were far slower, but still fast enough to be fun. They also wore the safety helmets and looked like that had a really fun time!

There are locations in New York, Texas, California, New Jersey, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Check it out if you would like to try your hand at indoor racing!

P.S. – At our location if you check in on Facebook and show them you did, you receive a free Monster can. Be sure to ask if that is available at your location, especially if you drink it!


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