Is Pi really wrong?

Back on March 14 we celebrated Pi Day! Today is the mathematical double of that date, making it June 28, or Tau Day! Tau is 6.28, double of it’s “predecessor” 3.14 (Pi).


So here we have a VERY short discussion on “Is Pi Wrong?”

There are a number of reasons why Tau should be considered the go-to number in mathematics, but here is one of the main reasons, or at least for those not quite as into the art of math as I. After all, there is a math major sitting behind this keyboard tying all of this out.  😀

Think back to your high school days, or if you’re young enough not to have graduated yet, think back to a few days ago before you were given the sweet break of summer. Remember the equation for the circumference of a circle? Here’s a refresher if it’s been a while:

2πr where r is the radius of the circle.

Now, why should we always be forced to multiply π twice if there is already τ to take care of that? Why not make it τr?

Well, in any case, that is just some food for thought and hopefully just a bit interesting! I thoroughly enjoy math!

Unfortunately this time I do not have any interesting facts, but if you are willing to read up on why Tau is so important, there is the Tau Manifesto, which dives much deeper into it than I have just now.

Until next time…

~ Kristen


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