Friday-gami: #fbf

There is #tbt which stands for throwback Thursday. Well, because today happens to be Friday, I introduce to you #fbf or flashback Friday! Is this already a thing? I’m no good at keeping up with these things …it probably already is, right?

We move back to rectangular paper for this week’s project. Preferably I use notebook for loose leaf paper for this project. It is also a bit off the beaten path. Origami is the art of paper folding so I suppose it still applies.


I went to an all girls private school for 7-12 grade. It meant no boys, but it didn’t stop us from writing random notes to each other anyhow. The amount of paper I used for notes in those six years probably could have added up to one year’s worth of math homework.  😛


If you have a secret note for a cutie, this is a fun fold for you! (P.S. – I don’t dot my Is with circles anymore, and I write in what I like to call prisive- half print, half cursive :D)

So here is the most used note folding technique I could remember from those many (or not so many) years ago! I am not quite sure it has a name. Stay tuned Keep reading after the note has been folded. There is a second set of steps for something else bonus at the end!


I would like first to apologize for the huge white spaces in between and on the sides of steps 1-3. I hope they do not prove to be an inconvenience!

1. With your note paper sitting short side facing you, fold it in half the long way.
2. Without unfolding, fold in half the long way again.
3. Now find the middle and fold in half. Then unfold.
4. Using the bottom half, fold at a 90° angle so the left edge is laying along that center crease. You should have an L shape.
5. Now flip it over so the top flips to the bottom.
6. Fold the left side over so the crease is along the edge down the center. There should be a small diagonal pocket formed.
7. Flip it over so the left side is on the right. The pocket should be behind. The small overhang on the left folds along the edge to the back side. Then flip it back over to the original position.
8. The small portion that is laying on top is tucked into the small pocket.
9. This is what it should look like so far.


10. Now fold the bottom part up using the bottom left corner of the pocket as reference.
11. Flip it over so the shorter part is on top.
12. Find where the smaller portion ends and mark that spot. Mine just so happens to end on the blue line I am pointing at. Yay!
13. Using that as a reference point, fold up slightly higher than it. As you can see I am pointing at the same blue line as step 12.
DONE!. Now fold up on the crease you made in step 10/11 and fold it into the pocket.

How marvelous! You have folded the note! It seems fairly complicated at first, but it is actually pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

Still here? Great! Here is the second use for the same fold! It takes a couple extra steps but is well worth it (I believe).


1. Use the center “line” and fold the model in half.
2. Tuck the bottom triangle into the pocket and you’re all set!
3. Decorate it.
3…Again… I attempted to get another picture without her pizza in there.
3rd Time’s the Charm! There we go!
GOAL!!!!! Now go score some finger field goals!

And that is how you can play paper football after reading a note! Cool, huh?

Now go forth and forth my lovely readers!  😀

Until next time…

~ Kristen


About Three Handed Mommy

Mother of one, wife to one. Hoping for more children in the future but so far I'm a three handed mommy. One hand is in school, another in loving my family, the last is on here (and all that comes with it). I love origami and I doodle once in a blue moon. Maybe I will share some drawings, both old and new. I have a slight obsession with Hatake Kakashi, Batman, rubber duckies, pandas, and Pokemon. Then again, my obsession may prove to be more than slight on more than one occassion...don't judge. :P Since this is new and all to me, please bear with me while I find my rhythm and posting habits. Hope you enjoy what I put up here! Feel free to pin anything unless stated otherwise in a post. :)

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