Friday-gami: Origami Crane

I’ve had this phone for a while now. It has a built-in camera feature that allows me to make a gif up to five seconds long. It’s actually kinda cool! In today’s Friday-gami (which is on time!) I will have a tester for everyone that shows how the final product works. It is a very well known model so more than likely you’ve seen it in action before.

And here we go!


1. Starting out with your square, fold diagonally both ways to create an “x”.
2. Then flup the paper over and fold side-to-side and top-to-bottom.
3. Then create the square base. If you need a refresher click here.
4. Fold the right edge in toward the center. Then repeat for the remaining 3 flaps.
5. Fold the top “triangle” down along the line I am pointing at.
6. This is how it should look now.
7. Unfold the flaps you created in step 4.
Sorry! The images in 8 and 9 should be switched!
9. Fold along all the pre-existing creases. The edges will meet at the center. Repeat on the other side.
8. This should be your final product.


10. Hello baby girl!
11. Skip for now. It is in step 13.
12. Fold the left flap over like a book. Flip the model over and repeat.
13. This should be how it looks now. You have a solid piece on the bottom and two separate pieces on the top.
14. Hold your model where I am in this picture.
15. Pull the right flap down to an arbitrary point. It is up to you how far. This is the neck.
16. This picture is an “in-progress” of forming the neck.
17. Repeat on the other side. I usually tend to make them symmetrical.
18. Take one of the flaps and push the top point down and slightly in. Then crease it to form the beak.


19. Your beak should look like this.
20. Fold your wing up. Make sure you fold at an angle towards the tail.
21. Crease it well.
22. Repeat on the other side so it is even with the first wing.
23. This is what you should have.
24. Fold the wings once more. This time at an angle toward the front.
22. Hold where I am holding and flap your bird! Pull gently at first!


Yay! You have made the origami crane! This one flaps its wings. There is another, called the peace crane, that is a slight variation to this one where the middle puffs out instead. I hope this was easy to follow. Multitasking was not my friend when I put the pictures together and numbered them.

Enjoi your new paper crane! 😀

Until next time…

~ Kristen


About Three Handed Mommy

Mother of one, wife to one. Hoping for more children in the future but so far I'm a three handed mommy. One hand is in school, another in loving my family, the last is on here (and all that comes with it). I love origami and I doodle once in a blue moon. Maybe I will share some drawings, both old and new. I have a slight obsession with Hatake Kakashi, Batman, rubber duckies, pandas, and Pokemon. Then again, my obsession may prove to be more than slight on more than one occassion...don't judge. :P Since this is new and all to me, please bear with me while I find my rhythm and posting habits. Hope you enjoy what I put up here! Feel free to pin anything unless stated otherwise in a post. :)

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