Vietnamese Spring Rolls

This morning was quiet.  The hubby was off to school, baby went down for a nap, and I was hungry!  So what did I decide to make?  Vietnamese Spring Rolls!  Yum!  Who has heard of, or even eaten these?  They’re not difficult to make, you just need to find the ingredients from a local Asian Supermarket.  Or, if your local American supermarket has an Asian section then you may be able to find the items there.

So what are they exactly, you may ask?  Well, think of your typical eggroll from a Chinese restaurant.  Take away the deep-fried aspect and add in fresh veggies and meat and voici!  Now, my family is not Vietnamese, but I sure did marry into one!  I learned from the best on how to fill, roll, and eat these wonderful eats.  In the picture below you can see I have some noodles, chicken, lettuce, wrap, and water to wet the wrap.  It doesn’t hurt to have an extra plate on hand to place your already rolled spring rolls.


Take your “shell” and put it into some warm water.  You don’t want cold or hot, just warm.  It works best with this temperature.  You don’t have to use what I have on the table, you can just use a medium to large sized bowl.  Be sure to get the entire shell wet as they are hard to begin with.  They tend to snap very easily if dry.


Now load up your roll!  You can put whatever you would like to in them.  The ones I made earlier this morning were a bit skimpy compared to the usual dinner ones, but still delish all the same.  Usually we have tofu, chicken, pork, lettuce, cucumber, noodles, basil, and a few other things on the table.  Yes, all at once!  Put as much or as little as you would like, although the “base” foods tend to be noodles, lettuce and meat.image

You want to roll them up like a BLT wrap, or something similar.  Start by wrapping the outside with one layer of the shell, tuck the sides in toward the center (but not all the way), and roll the rest of the way to close it.  Did that make any sense?  I saw it in my head…but I’m not quite sure if it came out in words as clearly as the little movie theater I attended in my brain.  [yeah, I guess I have a little movie theater in my brain.  But I’m not the only one! ^_^]


You most definitely want to make more than one because I will tell you right now, once you experience this party in your mouth from all these flavors coming together you will not want to stop after just one to roll another.  I suppose three or four at a time is a nice number to work with.  I usually roll for my hubby too since his don’t come out looking as nice.  (>.<)


So you have your rolls.  How about dipping it in something?  Well, there’s a couple options out there: you can use fish sauce (pictured below) or Thai peanut sauce.  Fish sauce (or nước mắm as it is called in Vietnamese) tastes better than it sounds.  I was a bit skeptical at first, but it tasted much better than I first anticipated!  Thai peanut sauce, if you haven’t had this before either, is a bit sweet since peanut butter is used in it.  Both taste great with the spring rolls!


Go ahead and dip to your heart’s content!  I cannot promise you will love these any more or any less (or even at all) than I do, but I can tell you that they’re worth a try.  Since it is up to you what is put into these I won’t direct you to any recipes.  It really is up to you how you make them for yourself.


I really do hope you give Vietnamese Spring rolls a try and like them enough to have them more than once.  Once you prepare all of the ingredients (which most can be made ahead of time and warmed up when you’re ready to eat them, like the meats and tofu), the actual prep time for filling and rolling them is really quite fast- about as fast as making a soft taco.

Let me know if you made some at home or bought them at a restaurant and how they tasted.  Do you think you will eat them again?

Until next time…

~ Kristen


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